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Create change.

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The A-Team

Hi, everyone. This is Sosha from Earth Camp.

We’ve had 2 pre-opening events in October and November of 2012, and both were fulfilling and valuable experiences to remember.

But today, I’d like to talk about something else.. The Earth Camp Team!



Although our team is still growing, our members are incredible.

Joel – head teacher and event director, who always gives his 120% at everything.

Shibby – coordinator who facilitates the events to run smoothly.

Tomo – the first reason why Earth Camp began.

Joe – fabulous English ALT teacher, always so calm and collected.

David – who has done all the web designing and logo design from California.


Earth Camp is only possible because of this team.

And members of O.G.A. for Aid, Peter, Angela, Daisuke and Matt, Abe-san from Sansankan, Muraoka san from the fishermen’s union – I would like to express my thanks to all of you.

Our Team

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