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2/8 – 2/9 Earth Camp Minamisanriku (2 days)

Experience Minamisanriku’s winter time with fresh oysters and beautiful stars!

Earth Camp welcomes you to Minamisanriku, a town surrounded by mountains and ocean, in the midst of rebuilding the fishing village that it was before the 2011 earthquake and tsunami.Experience the ocean together with local fishermen working towards the recovery of the fishery industry, while enjoying fresh live oysters and the beautiful winter stars of Tohoku. How did marine life change after the tsunami? How are the people’s lives connected to the ocean?  Here, you will experience the circle of nature at first hand.

The tour is facilitated in both English and Japanese, opening doors for you to truly engage in and interact with the warm local community and get the real local experience first hand.

But in the end, language is just a tool for connecting with the world. If we all cross borders and combine efforts, we can create change.

Join us this winter to connect with communities and with nature, toward a harmonious future, on the grounds of Tohoku.




■ When: February 8th (Sat) – February 9th (Sun) 2014 (1 night, 2 days)

■ Where: Minamisanriku, Miyagi

■ Where to meet: Minamisanriku  (Kesennuma Line・BRT Bus “Rikuzen Togura” Bus Stop)

*For those arriving by train to JR Yanaizu Station, free pickup is possible upon request(Yanaizu Station STA 11:15, Yanaizu Station STD 16:19)

■ Max. number of participants:Approx. 10 people

■ Fee:25,000 yen(tax included)

■ Register by:January 31st (Fri), 2014

■ How to register: Please submit the Registration Form.

 ※Registration will be closed when it has reached the maximum number of participants.

※Tour may be canceled if we do not reach minimum number of participants.




Day One  2/8 (Sat)

12:00  Meet(Kesennuma Line・BRT Bus “Rikuzen Togura” Bus Stop)

        *For those arriving at Yanaizu (STA 11:15) , free pickup is

                       available upon request.

      〜 Opening Lunch & Introduction(Lunch/not included in fee)

13:30     Minamisanriku Study Tour

                (Learn about disaster prevention)59007_378660022220464_170734155_n


         Hot spring (not included in fee)

      (Move to lodge)

17:30     Activities in English 〜

Night    〜 Dinner full of fresh local food & campfire

IMG_4350 copy


Day Two  2/9 (Sun)

Morning  Breakfast

9:30       Fishery experience

                   〜 learn about the ocean, enjoy fresh oysters!

             (seafood may change due to situation of fishery)


12:00    Fisherman’s BBQ Lunch


            Visit temporary shopping village “Sansan Shoutengai”

14:30     Final Session(Reflection)

15:30        Finish

                  *For those heading back to Yanaizu (STD 16:19), free drop off is available upon request.


 ※ Itinerary may change without notice due to weather or other reasons.

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【Included in fee】Accommodation, meals (Breakfast 1  Lunch 1  Dinner 1), fishery experience and all activities

【Not included in fee】Transportation fees to the event, hot spring (820yen), food/drinks that are not included in fee, insurance


■ What to bring:Warm clothing, rain gear, sneakers/walking shoes, bath towel, toiletries, stationary, insurance card

■ Other information:

*Program will be held in English.
*Children up to elementary must join with a parent/guardian.
*If you are under age 20, parental consent will be necessary in order to join.

Please see Terms and Conditions.


■ Accommodation:School Lodge “Sansankan” or other

※ Participants may be sharing rooms together in groups of family or gender. Please inquire if there is any request.

Join us if you want to…

・fish with local fishermen of Minamisanriku

・eat live oysters and seafood on the boat!

・experience nature and the outdoors

・learn about Minamisanriku and it’s recovery efforts

・tour in English

・enjoy winter time and beautiful stars of Tohoku

・gain the power to live
**Learn more about the Earth Camp Minamisanriku experience on Japan Travel**

“Live like the locals and experience nature in English”

How to get to Minamisanriku

By Car…


◯ General Access

Monoutsuyama IC(Sanriku Jidoushadou) ⇒ Kokudou no.45 ⇒ Minamisanrikucho
*Approx. 20km・25mins

◯ If you are driving from Tokyo:

Tokyo/Urawa・・(Tohokudou)・・Sendai Minami Inter・・(Sendai Nanbu Douro)・・(Sanriku Jidoushadou)・・Monoutsuyama IC・・(Kokudou no.45)・・Minamisanrikucho
*Approx. 2 hours from Sendai Minami Inter

By Train…


◯ General Access

Nearest station:JR Kesennuma Line “Yanaizu Station”

*Free pickup is available upon request.

◯ If you are heading from Tokyo/Sendai:

Tokyo ⇒ Sendai(Tohoku Shinkansen)
Sendai ⇒ Kogota(JR Tohoku Hon-sen)
Kogota ⇒ Yanaizu(JR Kesennuma-sen)

<Example route>

(Getting there)Tokyo ⇒ Minamisanriku

Tokyo STD 7:32 ⇒ Sendai STA 9:13(Tohoku Shinkansen)

Sendai STD 9:42 ⇒ Kogota STA 10:27(JR Tohoku Hon-sen)

Kogota STD 10:37 ⇒ Yanaizu STA 11:15(JR Kesennuma-sen)

(Getting back)Minamisanriku ⇒ Tokyo

Yanaizu STD 16:19 ⇒ Maeyachi STA 16:40(JR Kesennuma-sen)

Maeyachi STD 16:46 ⇒ Kogota STA 17:02(JR Ishinomaki-sen)

Kogota STD 17:10 ⇒ Sendai STA 17:57(JR Tohoku Hon-sen)

Sendai STD 18:12 ⇒ Tokyo STA 19:48(Tohoku Shinkansen)

By Bus…

(Getting there)Kesennuma Line・BRT BusMinamisanriku bus

JR Yanaizu Station STD 11:38  ⇒  Rikuzen Togura Bus Stop STA 11:56


*Information for highway bus to Sendai:JRバス東北 (JR Bus Tohoku) / 宮城交通 (Miyagi Transporation)


Feel free to contact us for any questions.


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