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6/6(Fri)Earth Camp Ambassadors Post-meeting & World Discussion Night(Sendai)

Earth Camp had it’s special Golden Week program this May, 2014 in Minamisanriku, Earth Camp『Minamisanriku to the World』〜 2014 Spring Ambassadors 〜 !

An amazing team of participants from 4 countries and the local people of Minamisanriku, new-born “Earth Camp Ambassadors” inspired each other and spent a wonderful time together over the three days. Enjoying together nature in the area and cultural exchange, the Ambassadors brainstormed and exchanged ideas on how to connect Tohoku and the world.


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“How did the program go?”, “What kind of ideas were there to connect Minamisanriku and the world?”, “How can I contribute?”・・In the first half of the event, Earth Camp founder Sosha will answer these questions and talk about exciting stories from the journey and about the beginning of the Ambassadors movement. The night is open to those who have supported us through Challenge Star in 2013, and those who are simply interested in Earth Camp!  (The event will be held at co-working space Cocolin, run by Challenge Star’s operator MAKOTO)

The second half of the event will be『World Discussion Night』! Come and join a night full of exciting topics about Tohoku and the world. English is only a tool to connect with the world. The more efforts combined, the more power achieved. Come and share your ideas and enjoy a fun night together with us!


■When:June 6th (Fri), 2014

■Time:18:30〜  Check-in start

    19:00〜 Earth Camp Ambassadors Post-meeting
        『World Discussion Night』

    21:00〜 After-party

*We will have an after-party after the event for those who would like to join.

■Where:Cocolin(Sendai, Miyagi. 30 secs. from Tsutsujigaoka Station, 12 mins. from Sendai Station)


*『World Discussion Night』is free of charge for this event! Don’t miss this chance!
*  The after-party will be a separate fee.

■How to register:Please submit the web form(June 3rd (Tues) )

(For registration on the day, call 080-8035-8877. Attendance via Skype / part time is also available. Please inquire.)


『Join us if you…』

・want to know more about Earth Camp

・want to contribute to the movement「from Minamisanriku to the World」

・discuss about Tohoku and the world’s topics and issues (in English)

・broaden your horizon

・gain global skills


■ Message(Sosha Mitsunaga Smith, founder)


I made my first trip to Tohoku, days after the North Eastern Japan Earthquake, to assist foreign aid groups in their efforts across the devastated coastal region. As time went on, my belief in the importance to build a sustainable effort in the area grew stronger, and as I graduated business school, was created in the form of Earth Camp in 2012.

The first program was held in the fields of Minamisanriku, along the coast in Northern Tohoku. Our hope is to invite people into the area together with new ideas and to strengthen the town’s international presence to build an even stronger community than it was before. My experiences taught me that although we face diverse issues across the world today, if we cross borders and combine ideas, we can create change. How do we live together in a world of diversity? How do we live side by side with nature? Earth Camp continues to explore these questions, towards a future where we live in coherence with ourselves and with nature, with ultimately no borders to set us apart – for ourselves and for those to come.
Join us in creating this movement – we look forward to meeting you!


Access to the event

Cocolin(NAViS Bldg. 1F 5-12-55 Tsutsujigaoka, Miyagino-ku, Sendai, Miyagi)

*30 secs. from Tsutsujigaoka Station, 12 mins. from Sendai Station



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