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From immersing in wilderness to connecting with local communities, you will find meaningful ways to touch the earth that will leave an impact in you, and in the world. How do you choose to make an impact?



Earth Camp Minamisanriku


Earth Camp Minamisanriku『Fisherman’s Experience』


Connect with earth.

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English as one tool to bring people together and create communication between diverse crowds, we create camps in an international and nature immersion environment. Through this, we create experiences where one can discover new values, and develop bonds that overlap differences in culture or knowledge, something we believe is key in living in a multicultural society today.

Why English?


Communication is key to creating solutions in a multicultural society – this is becoming more and more important as the world is becoming more globalized. We believe what is important to be able to improve one’s language skills is to truly immerse in an environment where a diverse group of people can connect, learn together, and develop real communication skills.



Learning through action.

At Earth Camp, we believe that the coexistence of people and nature brings true happiness. Rather than studying at your desk, at Earth Camp, learning is done through action. The only thing you need is a spirit of challenge!


Global leaders

At the end of the day, language is just a “tool”. Earth Camp’s mission is for people from all backgrounds to develop together a new future. Earth Camp gives you not only a better set of language skills, but also helps you gain and brush up international skills to become true global leaders.

Step outside the classroom.

The whole camp is based on activities, and aims to naturally bring out one’s initiative. We provide a program where we begin from changing mindsets from language as a goal, to language as a tool.

Earth Camp welcomes anybody interested in helping out by teaching English or nature activities such as farming, hiking and camping in an English immersion environment.

Feel free to contact us for details.


Connect with communities.


We offer unique local cultural activities and community experiences in English for the foreign tourist or Japanese bilinguals who are seeking to discover and learn more about “real Japan”. Why not travel different this time, not as the outsider tourist, but as a part of the community? Together, we can make it better.

The local experience in English.

From fishing clams to touring a historical town, you will find all programs here in English. So if you are a tourist in Japan who is looking to learn, you have come to the right place! We are here to offer local learning experiences to everybody. This is also a great chance for the local community to interact with those from different cultures – making it a meaningful experience for everybody involved.

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Earth Camp Kids

Children are the leaders of our future.

Earth Camp Kids is a program dedicated for children where they will take a step out of the box and nurture initiative and understanding to the world through real experiences in the diversity of nature and culture. Through such experience, they will understand how the earth is connected and learn the importance of living in coherence with diverse people and nature in the world we live in today. All programs are held in English.

Children will have fun and learn to become true global survivors through diverse activities in an English and nature immersion environment.

・Immerse in a cross-cultural environment and in wilderness to become not only a true global citizen but a “global survivor”

・A “survivor” lives in coherence with diverse cultures, nature, faces issues in the world and contributes in bettering the world

・What campers can expect to achieve: English language skills, nature experience/techniques, survival/sustainable living skills (including aspects of disaster defense), problem solving skills, teamwork, leadership, a fun time with new friends!


Earth Camp Family

Come and join the experience with your family!

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*Details of event/program will be updated on this website (activities may differ depending on the event).

*All events/programs will be held in English.

*All events/programs will begin and end at the event location.

*Registration will be closed as soon as we have reached the maximum number of participants.

*Events/programs (dates and activities) may be changed or canceled without notice.