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“Earth Camp became a memory to remember forever for our family, not to mention that it was the best environment to learn English.” (male, Sendai, Earth Camp Minamisanriku)

“During the 2 days, my son and I were able to see many things and speak with local people, which was a very fulfilling experience. We would definitely like to join again, and would like to continue thinking about what we can do for the tsunami affected area, and come back again to learn.” (female, Saitama, Earth Camp Minamisanriku)

“Thank you very much for inviting us to such a great event. Earth Camp was a lot of fun.” (female, Sendai, Earth Camp Minamisanriku)

“I would like my son to join Earth Camp over and over again and grow up learning to appreciate nature and learn how wonderful it is to explore and find the meaning of life not only within the boundaries of Japan, without his parents telling him to do so. And I believe the Earth Camp Team can make this wish come true.” (male, Sendai, Earth Camp Minamisanriku)

Seeing and experiencing something different, including thinking and speaking in another language, to notice and appreciate nature and consider sustainable lifestyles, to feel solidarity with people in devastated areas and continue the recovery project, to make human connections and friendships, get a fresh perspective on life and life paths – was all very good.” (male, U.S., Earth Camp Minamisanriku)