Welcome to Earth Camp

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Create change.

Bridging borders

for a future together.

What is Earth Camp?


Earth Camp is a borderless experience where you will meet “the world” – our organic experiences will take you on out-of-the-box journeys to immerse and learn on the ground, whether it’s a language, local culture or wilderness.

We believe these are some important things to understand the true meaning of and to live coherently in a culture of diversity that we live in today.

Although we face various issues in our world today, if we cross borders and combine ideas, we can create change.

Connecting people and people, and people and nature – Earth Camp collaborates with local communities, bringing in our “classrooms”, be it in the heart of wilderness, or in a local town community. Our common language is English, in order to facilitate interaction and exchange between cross-cultural crowds.

From immersing in wilderness to connecting with local communities, you will find meaningful ways to touch the earth, that will leave an impact in you, and in the world.

Earth Camp (Minamisanriku, November 2012)

“Beyond all borders”

EarthCamp 190

What’s going to change tomorrow? It’s how we live today. In this sense, each and every one of us are global leaders – not just prime ministers! Imagine what kind of impact we can create if we can all come together and combine efforts.

At Earth Camp, we create opportunities where each one of us can take that big leap over boundaries that separate us, be it language, culture or values. We facilitate communication between diverse crowds through experiencing together, a journey of purpose.

580783_10151280020410259_2021607148_n “Into the wilderness”

We like to go back to basics and get down to earth – because we simply love the wilderness and also want to create ideas on how to interact positively with nature in our daily lives. From farming fresh veggies to fishing out in the deep blue, here, you will learn and experience the circle of life.  Together, we can make it better.