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Our Team

soshaSosha Mitsunaga Smith

Nickname: Smith

Nationality: Japan/U.S.A

Hobbies: River climbing, mountain climbing, traveling, eating

After a few years in the language education industry, Sosha co-founds a language consulting firm to offer global translations services. Graduate of Waseda Business School (MBA). Continuing his volunteer work in Tohoku after the North East Japan Earthquake in 2011 has led to creating Earth Camp (Common Earth Co.).

joel bwJoel Schmidt

Nickname: JP

Nationality: U.S.A. (Florida)

Hobbies: Camping, hiking, surfing, reading, arts, music

Born in New York, raised in Florida. With extensive experience both domestic and abroad, Joel is a creative professional with experience in the design industry and a talented teacher in the education industry. Joel has continued his volunteer work in Tohoku ever since the North East Japan Earthquake in 2011.


joeJoe Apicella

Nickname: Joe

Nationality: U.S.A. (California)

Hobbies: Photography, astronomy, meeting new people

Joe is a talented teacher, teaching English at several schools in Tohoku with the JET Program (The Japan Exchange and Teaching Programme).


tomoTomonori Honda

Nickname: Tomo

Nationality: Japan

Tomo discovers the beauty of Tohoku when he was located in Iwate during his former career, and is determined to create a channel for people overseas. After going back to Tokyo where he graduated Waseda Business School (MBA), he is now in Sendai, being an Earth Camper, and operating a co-working space for entrepreneurs creating businesses in Tohoku.

shinobuShinobu Mitsunaga

Nickname: Shibby

Nationality: Japan

Hobbies: Traveling, beaching, scuba diving, music, cooking

Shinobu went to an international school in Yokohama, and graduated Waseda University, School of International Liberal Arts. She pursues the service industry and spends some time at an airline where she experiences the frontline of Japanese service, whilst also spending time in and out of Tohoku.

daveDavid Baldridge

Nickname: Dave

Nationality: U.S.A. (California)

Hobbies: Rock climbing, scuba diving, yo-yo, slackline, art & design

David’s first visit to Japan was during his undergraduate years via his exchange program at Waseda University, School of International Liberal Arts in Tokyo. Fluent in Japanese. Professional designer.