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Bridging borders

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Why we exist

Our Mission

Earth Camp’s mission is to create experiences that bridge people together, closer to nature, to inspire and implement social change.

Our Vision

The Great East Japan Earthquake of 2011 has devastated and changed many people’s lives.

Earth Camp began in an effort to contribute to the revitalization of areas in Tohoku that have been affected, by creating a channel where people can discover its beauty within through a sustainable approach.

Not only Tohoku, but places similarly calling for cooperation and action for solutions are all over the globe today – for recovery after disasters or development of communities.

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We believe now is the time to rethink and reposition ourselves, in communities, in societies and on this planet. How do we live together in a multicultural world? How do we live with nature without further destruction? How can we better the world we live in? These are core questions that lie within us.

Earth Camp strives to explore and develop the answers to these questions. Our love of wilderness and unique cultures demands us to take action in building a future where we live in coherence with ourselves and with nature, with no borders to set us apart – for ourselves and for those to come.

Although we face diverse issues across the world today, we believe if we cross borders and combine ideas, we can create change.

♦ Bridging the gap.
We’re all different – be it nationality, culture, values, experience. Knowing is always the first step. By bridging borders and respecting differences, we believe people will come together.

♦ Everything is connected.
Humans and nature are one ecosystem― by creating real, natural experiences that bring us closer to nature, we wish to inspire everyday lifestyles, positively impact our environment and people, and move forward towards a sustainable world together.

Our Story


Earth Camp began in an effort to redevelop areas in Tohoku devastated by the Great East Japan Earthquake of 2011, by creating a channel where people can discover its beauty within through a sustainable approach.

On March 11th, 2011, the Great East Japan Earthquake changed many lives.

The following week, Sosha (founder of Earth Camp) was on a bus together with an American relief organization, heading to Miyagi, where he will be spending the next month together with the local townspeople and numerous foreign groups who flew in.

One of the several things he did during this time was to make use of his bilingual skills and take action in coordinating and translating for these foreign groups.

Here, he realized the meaning of multiculturalism, and the true meaning of communication.

After going back to finishing his MBA degree in Tokyo, he decided to forward his vision and go one step further – to create a business that can provide a sustainable channel to empower communities such as those is Tohoku. This was Earth Camp – the first service of Common Earth Company.

The first Earth Camp was held in Minamisanriku, along the coast in northern Tohoku. Countless lives were lost, and today, it’s annual tourist number of 1.08 million people has dropped to one third (as of November, 2012). Through our approach beginning with Earth Camp, we wish to invite people into the area together with the liveliness that the town once had. Furthermore, we wish to strengthen the town’s international presence and capability to build an even stronger community than it was before.

Like areas in Tohoku, today, our world faces many issues yet to be addressed. To make change, we believe learning is the first step. By creating opportunities to learn outside of the comfort zone, we enable people to step outside their box and empower them to create positive change.

Together, we can make it better.