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Tohoku Farm Why we exist

 Our mission is to create experiences and channels that bridge people together, closer to nature, to inspire and implement solutions to societal issues.

– Common Earth Mission Statement

The Great East Japan Earthquake of 2011 has devastated and changed many people’s lives. Many people continue to live in an environment seeking light to guide the future.

Situations such as this scatter all over the world today, and call for cooperation and action for solutions – for recovery after disasters or development of communities.

Common Earth is a response to this call – to rethink and reposition ourselves, in communities, in societies and on this planet. How do we live together? How do we live with nature? How can we better the world we live in? These are core questions that lie within us and construct our fundamental values.

Common Earth strives to explore and develop the answers to these questions. Our love of wilderness and unique cultures demands us to take action in building a future where we live in coherence with ourselves and with nature, with no borders to set us apart – for ourselves and for those to come.

Bridging the gap.

We’re all different – be it nationality, culture, values, experience. Knowing is always the first step. By bridging borders and respecting differences as originalities, we believe people will come together.

Everything is connected.

Humans and nature are connected - by creating authentic experiences that bring us closer to nature, we wish to inspire everyday lifestyles, positively impact our environment and people, and move forward towards a sustainable world together.

Sosha in the fieldBorn to a Japanese mother and an American father, I grew up flying back and forth between the two countries. Through such experience, I have gradually come to develop a sense of feeling that humans, including myself, often live within some sort of “boundary” – whether it’s a boundary of country, boundary of culture or a boundary of perspective.

These boundaries could create a unique identity, but could also dwindle one’s perspective. My belief grew stronger with time – that taking that one step outside your boundary is key in nurturing a sense of understanding and unity in a cross-cultural world we live in.

“Language” is only one tool to enable communication between a diverse group of people, and to learn outside one’s box. At Common Earth, we use this tool as a way to offer experiences and channels to step outside the box towards coherence.

-Sosha Mitsunaga Smith, Founder

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