Our Principles



We keep exploring and enjoy the endless adventure of  “experience, discover and learn”. This is what we offer to customers as a service, and also what we pursue within our company. We believe that venturing out to the wilderness, immersing in unknown cultures, stepping out of one’s comfort zone is the best way to understand the important things that matter to us, much of what we tend to oversee everyday.

Purpose always comes first.

A strong sense of purpose seeps in everything we do. We are always guided by the “why” we do what we do – to empower communities, respect nature and lead to social change.

Authentic experiences create authentic change.

We believe things that are “real” last in the heart and mind, and truly influence one’s life. We deliver to customers real experiences to connect to the real world. This also goes to Common Earth’s corporate philosophy, where we stay real and transparent to all stakeholders, staff and customers, nurturing a culture of honesty which is something we deeply value.

Freedom of choice and decision creates dignity.

We believe lack of freedom of these things creates poverty, and that is why we strive to create opportunities for everyone to be able to make choices and decisions, especially in places where there are fewer resources and obstacles hindering this. We envision a prosperous world to be a place where all people can live with a sense of dignity.

Continue to shift.

How do you envision our world to be in a decade from now? We continue to shift towards the future we envision – from artificial to natural, from materialistic to authentic, from a consumption society to a recycling-oriented society, and from destruction to revitalization. For us, these are important characteristics for a better place to live in.

Be different.

We don’t fear being different. We believe and will continue to prove that breaking the box creates “out-of-the-box” solutions.

Maximize potential in everyone and everywhere.

We see potential in everyone and everywhere, and bring in and out creative ideas from remote villages to the heart of wilderness.  Furthermore, by creating and increasing such opportunities, we aim to maximize potential and empower people in communities to be able to achieve goals.

Sustainability is possible only when everything else is sustainable.

Common Earth strives to create social impact through business. We believe business is a key approach to build and sustain a system of catering solutions to societal and environmental issues, to make the world we live in sustainably better.

Have fun.

We believe enjoyable service is derived only from an enjoyable company. Work is not just “work” to us – it is a “way of life” to achieve our vision.

Together, we can make it better.


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