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Translation Services

Translation Services

At Common Earth, we take translations seriously and passionately. We provide high quality translations (Japanese to English) for clients in professional fields, and are committed to offering tailor made solutions for each client’s needs – to us, translating is all about communicating cross-culturally in the most effective way.

100% Bilingual Translations (spoken and written)

Our translators are bilingual professionals who are native in both English and Japanese, and understand that translations are not all about language per se, but are deeply intertwined with culture.

This is why we are able to produce high quality translations, grasping the full context and converting to English, to communicate most effectively back and forth between the Japanese and the English speaking culture.

Consultation beforehand to hear your needs

We always begin by first hearing and understanding the client’s communication needs.

This is why not only can we offer accurate translations customized to achieve clients’ goals, but can also help in coordinating and facilitating meetings on the day. Feel free to let us know any specific needs, and we will be happy to support you all the way.

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Web Marketing Services

Web Marketing Services

We offer customers a fully integrated service package to achieving their global presence.

Beginning with professional Japanese to English localized translations of website, we also offer English slogan building and copyright consultation, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) implementation and continued website maintenance and support for social media outreach.

When translating a promotion or sales channel such as a website, the goal is not to complete the translation, but to get the story out to potential fans of your business.

Leave the story telling to us, so you can focus your time on building that story.

Are you focusing on the wrong goals?

× Is your goal to attract new leads from a foreign market through website translation?

× Can you be sure that your translated site has the same appeal in English as it does in your Japanese?

What we offer:

○ Fully integrated global marketing package including both onsite and offsite SEO.

○ Not just translations, but “localizations”, which is what makes the difference. All of our translators are completely bilingual in Japanese and English. That’s we focus on these 2 languages to provide customers with the best service.

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English × Tourism WORKSHOP

This workshop invites members of the tourism industry to brush up tourism related English skills, and strengthen basic skills to invite foreign tourists to their home ground.

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One of our Strengths: Tourism Translations


Example translations: Guidebooks and pamphlets for tourist spots, floor maps for hotels, hotels, facilities, restaurant menus, banners and descriptions for local products.

Needless to say, such materials are very important tools for tourism. Our bilingual translators are professionals who understand not only the language, but tradition, services and trends for both the Japanese market and abroad from an extensive perspective of marketing. This is why we can offer you effective localizations aimed towards your target audience. Please feel free to contact us for any details.

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