English × Tourism WORKSHOP

“Japan to the world.”IMG_0641 copy

This exciting workshop invites members of the tourism industry to brush up tourism related English skills, and strengthen basic skills to invite foreign tourists to their home ground.

Although Japan has been putting much strength into luring tourists from overseas, promotion towards foreign tourists and improvement of accommodation skills is still lacking.

Common Earth is devoted to strengthen the “international” communication skills of local Japanese tourism businesses, and bring in more tourists from abroad.

At this workshop, participants will learn tourism related English communication skills to communicate effectively to the foreign tourist, and they will also be able to get useful tips and ideas shared by the native foreigner on how to increase the appeal of information. Here, those in the tourism industry will share and create new innovative ideas together with foreigners, to make Japanese tourism even better.


What participants can expect to achieve:

・Tourism related English communication skills

・Tips and ideas on catchcopies etc. from the eye of the foreigner

・Ideas on appealing tours and service plans from the eye of the foreigner

・Tips and ideas on increasing the appeal of tourism pamphlets and brochures




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